The fresh profesionals

Natura DP is a young company in the fruit and vegetable sector. We work directly with the best agricultural producers and we have organic cultivation. 

We comply with the processes of total quality, we check the products at origin and control the entire logistics process, ensuring freshness at the destination. 

Our work philosophy


We want to export fresh vegetables all year round in a sustainable way.


The future of Natura dp is to become the reference supplier of organic vegetables to the market.


Our values are the high quality of our products, respecting the environment, and honoring the trust our customers placed in us.

Your fresh produce professional in El Ejido

Thanks to its privileged location, in the most important fruit and vegetable production area in Europe, it can supply a wide range of vegetables of the highestquality. Theimport of fresh vegetablesfrom Natura Direct Produce covers the demands of the whole year without compromising thequality of the product, the taste, and the nature of the vegetables. 


We export all over Europe. Our main markets are France, Germany, Holland, Austria, and the Nordic countries. We have facilities in the best logistic centers of the continent to offer wide coverage to our customers. In addition, we also reach the USA and Hong Kong.

Marketing process

Natura DP goes through all the points of the commercialization process of the products, to deliver them fresh at the destination, we make a continuous improvement in our commercialization process.



The eternal spring enjoyed by the land of Almeria allows us to have a variety of fruits and vegetables all year round.



We care about the origin of each of our products, ensuring compliance with the most rigorous regulations to guarantee quality.



We focus our efforts on analyzing the variety, category, color, and size of each product so that they comply with the established criteria.



Our sales team selects the highest quality products to offer our customers products of the highest excellence.



As part of Natura Direct Produce's commitment to the environment, we are committed to more sustainable distribution by avoiding the use of plastic containers and packaging.



We ensure that products are kept at the correct temperature throughout transport, without interrupting the cold chain.



We want to bring our customers the certified quality they deserve and for this, with our logistics, we offer guarantee and efficiency.

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